Neue Pflanzentexte / New texts for plants (Spoiler)

  • Zur Zeit werden die Pflanzentexte nochmal überarbeitet. Ich werde sie hier nach und nach einstellen. Es wäre schön, wenn ihr sie auf Verständnis- und Rechtschreibfehler korrekturlesen könntet.

    Currently we edit the plant texts. I will post them here one by one. Please proofreading them about understanding and spelling mistakes.

  • Als erstes: Ich halte mein Englisch zwar für gut, aber ich bin kein Muttersprachler.
    Zweitens: Ich will besser werden ;)
    Also drittens die Frage: Wie ist das Englisch beim Vergissmeinnicht?

    First: I think, my English is good but I'm no native speaker.
    Second: I wanna get better ;)
    So third: How is the English of the Forget-me-not?

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    Native to whole Europe, the wood forget-me-not is now also common to North America. It is a popular spring bloomer and shows best advantage in clusters. Commonly, the flower is biennial, and a decorative plant of old in gardens and parks. Even to the pixies this flower is very popular. The small folk uses its magic at weddings, placing wreathes of flowers around their necks thus binding themselves in fidelity to each other. In addition are it's blue blossoms a symbol of kind remembrance and partings in love, wherefore, in remembrance of Nephele, every house is adorned by at least one forget-me-not at present.

  • I personally think the last sentence could be rephrased as

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    "In addition, its blue blossoms are symbols of kind remembrance and partings in love. Every house is wherefore adorned by at least one forget-me-not at present in rememberance of Nephele. "

    Even though I'm not quite sure about the last sentence. Is it true that everyone has at least one forget-me-not?

    -Currently learning German-

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