Happy Valentine's Day!

  • This is one of the first photos I took of my kitties when I first got them last July. They're bigger now - turns out that the torty is a ragamuffin, and now has really long and soft fur. I've never had a cat of that breed before - they're adorable! The little white kitty is very shy but very sweet once you get to know her. The ragamuffin, being a ragamuffin, is gregarious and friendly and wants everyone to cuddle with her. That is, when she doesn't want to play or groom, which she does a lot. I think she spends half her waking time grooming. Her name at the shelter was Diva, and boy, she is one! (I renamed her Princess Cassiopeia, after an Ethiopian Queen who was extremely vain.) The funny thing is, when we give them their dinner, Clawdia (the white one) wolfs hers down and then goes after Cassie's. Cassie stops to groom eight or nine times during dinner, so takes forever to eat. If we don't stop her, Clawdia will get half of Cassie's dinner! I've learned to pick up Clawdia as soon as she's done eating and give her corporal cuddling until Cassie finally finishes eating. We always laugh at Cassie for being so vain, but we know we're never going to be able to change her. :)

    And you know, I didn't realize that those cats in your avatar are in a coffee cup. I take it that image is photoshopped?

  • They sound like like a handful. And absolutely adorable at that.

    The cats in my avatar are in a pet bed. It was the pattern they made that got me nostalgic. I dunno what it's called in english, but making those little images on cappuccinos and lattes is an essential skill for baristas.

  • The rules are easy - pick up seeds from the garden, water them, remove the snail that pops up every 24 hours, do games to get rid of the clouds over the sun (you want the sun completely cloudless if possible), and that's about it. :) Getting all the clouds completely removed takes a while at first, but once they're gone, it's easy to keep them away.

    If you want flowers you don't have, you might haunt the give away thread. People give away flowers all the time, and usually prefer that they go to those who have either 1 or none of the variant. Since you don't have many at all, feel free to take from that thread. And don't feel that you're being "greedy" if you take several - if you don't already have the variants, the people giving them away really don't mind. :)

    Keep in mind, however, that the seed limits and the winter garden you only get by the number of plants you personally raise. Once you've raised a certain number, your seed limit increases, and when you raise another certain number (I don't know the numbers for these anymore) you get your winter garden.

    Also, there are some flower variants you can only get by breeding two of the same breed together. If you have a lot of flowers of a particular breed in your garden, yet you still have a question mark in your compendium, just ask; it may be that the variant(s) you're missing you can only get by breeding two of yours together. But it's a hit or miss whether you'll actually get the breed-only variant, however; you may get a more common variant instead of the one you want.