How to Friend someone - and other questions

  • I don't know how to "friend" someone in this new forum. Could someone
    please show me how? Also, are the walls there just for use to say
    something, or are they for other people to talk back and forth to us?
    That would sure be nice if it were, but I don't see how to post anything
    on anyone else's wall, so I'm thinking it's not the case.

    how do you "follow" someone? I know it says I am following a lot of
    people, but that's all been carried over from the old site, I think.
    So, I don't know how to do it on this one.

  • I feel really stupid! I was not signed in when I first posted that - it's waiting for approval now ( the other thread) But I know how to follow someone - I'm not sure about the friend thing yet. And I couldn't post on anyone's wall before signing in, that's why I wanted to know about that - but I found out after signing in. (I am usually signed in when I come here, so that's why I didn't notice that I wasn't signed in!)