• Welcome to BRICKWORLD

    Brickworld is a little project i worked on since christmas 2010. Basicly it's an editor which allows you to build sculptures from colored bricks. You start with an empty baseplate on which you can build your sculptures, landscapes or buildings. When you are done, write down the code of your creation so you can share it with others or continue to work on it later.


    • Save creations in database. For now, your creations will be lost if you don't write down the code before closing the browser. You also need to click "LOAD" (not RELOAD!) if you haven't done anything on the page for more then 15 minutes.
    • Add gallery with rating option.
    • Add short links for sharing creations. For now, you need to paste the full code to share and to view a shared artwork, you need to copy the full code back into the editor.

    I'm looking forward to see your first creations. Simply paste the code into a [code]-tag in this thread.

  • Only I see the stone code in the edit-box. The plate shows nothing. The right click only gives me the browsers context menu. I think, there time the editor ist not finished?

    Ich sehe den Steincode in der edit-box. Die Platte zeigt nichts. Der Rechtsklick zeigt mir nur das Browser-Kontextmenü. Ich denke momentan ist der Editor noch in der Entwicklung?

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    It's working fine. :thumbup:


    Don't ask me, what this is, i have no idea. I just playing around a litte. :whistling:

    A Suggestion: If you want to set multiple same objects side by side, you must click on each field laboriously individually, it would be nice if you could simply drag your Mouse.

    Funktioniert tadellos. :thumbup:


    Fragt mich allerings nicht, was das darstellen soll, ich habe keine Ahnung. Ich habe nur ein bisschen rumgespielt. :whistling:

    Eine Anregung: Wenn man mehrere gleiche Objekte nebeneinander setzen will, muss man jedes Feld mühsam einzeln anklicken, schöner wäre es, wenn man einfach mit geklickter Maustaste ziehen könnte.

  • Jetzt funktioniert es. Vielleicht war die Verbindung grad schlecht. Und ja, noch ist nicht erkennbar, was man damit anfangen könnte. Mosaikbau?


    Dazu fällt mir "meine Safari" ein. Nach ein wenig Weiterentwicklung kann sowas gefallen. Nach dem Prinzip kann ein Gartenabenteuer denkbar sein.

    Now it functions. Maybe the connection grad was bad. And yes, is not still recognizable what it could start. Tessellated construction?

    In memory, "meine Safari" occurs to me. After advancement a little something like that can like. After the principle a garden adventure can be conceivable.

  • I'm not sure if I did this right and I don't know what it is I made, but here's the code it gave me:

  • Code

    It's a house with a pool and a small street in front. I dunno something I did in like 10 min. Cute.

  • I really enjoyed tinkering with it, here's my finished creation. An Eco-House. :love:


    Edit: I would love some new colors to play with, they'd open up much more room for creativity. :3 Also, I really liked the icy blue block that had dark blue on it, would have been neat if I could rotate it, or something similar. Thank you for sharing this!! :thumbup:

  • I did another one - I have to admit, I"m not very good. Here is a screenshot - it's a wall. It's supposed to be an ivy-covered wall, but I think that is really grass growing on top.