• where is the breeding page and how do i get to it? sorry I'm new... also, I dont speak German... (using a translator)

    wo ist die Zucht Seite und wie kann ich es bekommen?
    sorry ich bin neu ... Auch ich nicht Deutsch sprechen ... (mit Hilfe eines Übersetzers)

  • You need TWO adult plants. One adult plant won't show the breeding page as it has nothing to breed with. PM me if you have only one or no adult plants.

  • LadyWizard, adult flowers have a breeding entry, if they didn't breed within the last seven days. Be using the entry the side changes. Now you can look true the list with all your adult flowers, wich can breed now. Select one from the same spezies. Now the seed goes to your garden, if you have place (3 + 1 extra for breeding). If you have not place, the seed goes to the wild garden. We don't need a extra page. ;)

  • Detailed view
    Name Crocus Crocus sp.Description Crocuses rank among the most popular spring flowers. However, there are also crocuses that flourish in autumn.The color of the blossoms ranges from white to yellow to various lilac and mauve shades. There are no crocuses with bright red flowers.Created on04/04/11
    Parents No 10283 and No 10387Actions trash or abandon
    Only healthy, mature plants you own can be used for breeding. Even then breeding is only possible if the plant hasn't produced any seeds for the last 7 days.
    Use one of the following links to show your flower in your signature or on your website. The more people look at your flower, the more sun it will get. Additionally, every click on your flower will get it some water.
    This is what I get with just one crocus I adopted last night from the adoption list... notice no breed though maybe you confused me with Milord Az not sure