• Hi! I joined a few weeks ago and had a few questions?

    1. can the flowers die?
    2. why do some flowers, fully grown, still have a fourth stage in the compendium?

    3. When some seeds hatch and flowers fully grow, why don't I get more flower pots?

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  • 1. No

    2. Because some flowers have different adult outcomes even though they are the same breed. Like a blue version or yellow.

    3. You have 4 pots for seeds, and then they get to the “teen” age which opens up the 4 pots. You can have unlimited adults or teens, but only 4 seeds

  • Oh, thank you so much! that explains a lot. Is there a way to get other variants or do i just need to grow those seeds again?

    Also- how many flowers are there? I know there's over 1000

  • Yes, breeding more or getting more seeds will eventually give you the variations. The compendium will give you all the known flowers and variants. When you get far enough, there are a few flowers that are breed-only variations. There is a wiki (link at top left ) which will show you which need to be bred in the regular and special plants tabs. Good luck!

  • Yes, look in the wiki and it will answer many of your questions.

    If you want to know what to look for, look for the link for "Regular Plants ", it will show you what the seed looks like, the variations of the adult plant.

    Under the "Special Plants " link, it shows the various varieties of specal plants that have a limited time for finding new seeds, or breeding seeds. Some of the varieties are only available by breeding. Some are Holiday plants. It took me years to get most of the varieties, and some I am still looking for.

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