New Plant? Winter Daphne

  • I don't really remember any case where the possiblity of getting a bred-only variety depended on whether the parent plants were parentless or bred. It seems mostly random. Although yes, all four of mine were from two parentless vertical ones.

  • I just got my last one, and the same combo parents as fuzzbucket. I think it's actually a random number generator thing, where the programmer writes a script to generate a random number (I could teach you to write one in about 2 minutes), then assigns a number range to an outcome, so it's totally random which one you get from a seed. The varieties you get from breeding would probably use a range that comes from the lowest number of the parents to the numbers of the parents summed, so you can't roll that high a number for wild garden plants. And usually the "roll" happens at time of "hatching", not when you breed.

    So let's take, for example, you have one wild plant (variant A) that resulted from a roll of 3 (range 1-5) and one (variant B) that resulted from a roll of 9 (range 5-10) and the range for all wild plant variants is 1-10. You breed them together and now you have a range of 3 (the lowest number of the parents numbers) to 12 (the sum of the parents' numbers). If the breed-only variant has a range of 11-15 and your seed rolls 11 or 12 it's going to be variant C (the breed-only one). If it rolls a 4, you get variant A. If it rolls 7 you get variant B. It's just like rolling dice, but electronic. If there's more than one breed-only variant the range might be extended by multiplying the sum of the parents by the number of breed-only varieties.

    Does that make sense to anyone but me? If it's completely unclear I apologize. I'll try to explain it better if it is.

  • Yay! I got my last one this morning :)

    This one is a 2nd generation from 2 upright:

    Then this is a 3rd generation from 2 of the fuller bodied, one of the fuller bodied was first gen and the other was second gen with split parentage (1 full bodied, 1 upright)

    Lastly there's this one - 1 upright first gen parent and 1 full bodied 2nd gen with 2 upright parents

    Don't know if any of that info helps or not, but thought I'd toss it out there :)

    As an edit - I'm torn on whether to grab seeds or wait. St Patty's day is next Sunday I think .. I wonder if i'd have time for seeds to sprout before the St Patty's ones start to appear in the WG. hehe, I feel like I'm wasting time if I have empty pots

  • I think it's more of a waste to miss out on a whole round of breeding a short-duration holiday plant and having to wait an entire year to try again than it is to sit a week or two with empty pots that would be full of plants you can find and raise all year. A couple weeks wasted vs a whole year seems like a bargain to me. :)

    Oh, and I finally got the chive baked potato (as opposed to the potato baked potato) earlier this week. I've been breeding for that for eons. I squealed like a little girl when I came on and saw it. On my birthday. You'd have thought I was 3 instead of 63. XD

  • Oh, and I finally got the chive baked potato (as opposed to the potato baked potato) earlier this week.

    I actually think it's a sandwich, not a baked potato. You know, a slice of bread, some butter or cottage cheese and chives sprinkled on top. We often eat things like that in Poland and I guess it's similar in Germany.