Halloween at Flowergame

  • I got 8 seeds, but I think it was just because I jumped on them right as soon as they started dropping. Someone starting even 8 hours later wouldn't get the second batch. My first four just matured and I got one of my missing Audreys and one of my missing Stumps. The other two I already had. My second round just sprouted, so we will see.


  • Yeah, looks as if the seeds are gone from the Wild Garden already - too bad, I was hoping it might last 1 more day for my seeds to sprout.

    But as a tip, it looks like you need to improve the sunlight in your garden - when I visited, it had the "bend" option, and it seems to only show up if you have low sunlight levels, if I understand things correctly. If you keep the garden well lit and fully watered, your seeds sprout faster. I picked up seeds on Oct. 26 and they sprouted Oct. 29 so I was able to pick up 4 additional.

    I have an image of the blurb on my garden here:

    Thanks so much for the tips!! I really appreciate it!

  • The sun shows clouds if you need to pick "make those clouds go away" from the pixie games. Or you can get sun from clicks. I just make sure I top up my sun at least once past "sunny" every day with the games to be sure.


  • I was also able to get 8 plants this year. I must've grabbed my second batch just early enough!

    I'm also very excited I got another breed-only Jack-o-lantern! :) Hopefully my last bred Jack-o-lantern for this year will grow into the one with the witch hat!

    How has everyone else's luck been so far? Have your Halloween plants grown up yet?

  • I got 4 Stumps and 4 Audreys. Two of each have grown up and I got one new one of each. The other four (two of each) sprouted yesterday morning, so we shall see. I was very far behind in Hallowe'en plants for some reason (were several added in just a year or two?), but I have almost all the Christmas/New Year ones, so that event will be far less frenetic for me (as well as usually being longer, if memory serves).


  • Still need 5 Audreys and 3 Stumps and the two more realistic-looking Jack-O-Lanterns (I had all of them at one time, the two I'm missing are the newest ones). I guess if I get 2 new varieties each year like I did this year it will take 1-2 years to get the Stumps and Jacks and 3 or 4 more to get the Audreys. If they don't add any more. :) Not a complaint, just an observation.


  • I ended up getting a couple new Jack-o-Lanterns this year! One breed-only and one new one. I'll be hoping to get the last 2 next year!

    Thanks also to everyone who answered in this thread, it was fun to see the different types of plants other players were aiming for this Halloween. I'll have to try to get more Audreys another year :)