Ok..how about these ideas?

  • Ooooh, I had not thought of a mechanism like harvesting the fruit after the bushes are full-grown. But now that you have suggested it, if it is possible, I think it would be a nifty addition to that.

    But you should probably make it so that it doesn't happen every time you try to harvest it.

    But then what would we do with the fruit now that is harvested? Could it be a reward mechanism to get something? Maybe a new seed from one of the berry plants? Or maybe a random plant...

    Hmmm, I will think on this....

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  • Maybe the harvested berries could be traded to a pixie in return for an extra decoration pot? Or for 1 special plant seed? :/ I imagine for a special plant seed, you would have to collect a high number of fruits/berries first.

    If a harvest mechanic doesn't work, though, even just the plants on their own would be a fun addition.

    EDIT: Or, if trading in harvested berries to get seeds/pots for yourself doesn't fit Flowergame, perhaps you could trade in berries to have a pixie send a gift of a new decoration pot or special seed to another random player who's currently online? That way it goes to someone who's actively playing, and would encourage gift-giving :)

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