Add a Clock to Header of Website

  • As a new player enjoying Flowergame, one thing I'd like to see is a clock displaying the current website/server time somewhere on the site. I assume it would fit best on the transparent green header bar at the top of the site next to the links for News, Settings, Logout etc. Perhaps it would look best next to the language flags? Either way, it would help me a lot, and I'm sure it would help others too. I know I can just pick up a seed, and immediately compare the timestamp on it to my current time, and learn what the time difference is that way. However, even when I did exactly that and counted the hours, I quickly forgot the number by the next day, and then spent 3 days totally clueless as to when my seeds/sprouts would grow up. For someone like me who's poor with numbers and math, trying to memorize the time difference and then constantly count out the difference every time I look at a plant is a bit tiresome.

    What does everyone else think? Is this something that would be possible without too much work for the devs?

    (I searched for a thread about this and found one from 2013, but a tip at the bottom said it was better to make a new thread than revive an old one. I also felt the old thread was talking more about timestamps and different ways to track flower growth, and while that's definitely related to my suggestion, I am specifically asking if it's possible to add a clock or not, so I decided to create a new thread. If that's not appropriate, please let me know.)

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  • Oh, I hadn't thought of mobile, since I play on desktop. That's a very good point. I'd still love a clock somewhere on the site, but I completely understand that there might not be space in the header. Thanks for considering the idea!

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