• I just had a tiny idea and that was to add a 'Next' button or something so when you are in a greenhouse you can click "Next" rather than opening up all the plants in separate tabs (like I do in FireFox).

    I mean, it's just a passing thought really and it needn't even be a button per se but maybe a little arrow to press to go to the next plant.

    I don't mind, really, opening up plants in tabs but just thought it would be a nice addition.

    Anyways...it's an idea. :whistling:

  • Basically..yes.

    Usually if I open one plant I either have to click the 'Back' Button on the browser or open several plants in separate tabs (which isn't a big deal, really) so having a small "Next" button to go onto the next plant would be kinda nice but..it is not an absolute necessity.

    It is really a matter of convenience, I suppose.