Welcome to the Flowergame Forum!

      Hi truelinor! I would favor Magnolia, as they are very beautiful blossoms and it's more international like this forum is.

      May I ask you for changing my gardens name into Magnolia? I'm a little ashamed for having named it "Elfenterror", especially since the latest terror from the IS. I don't know who I could ask.
      I have never seen a setting that would allow a user to change their garden name. What you could do is make a new account and gift all your current flowers to it and then delete your old account. I suppose that would be acceptable....? There is a "Delete" button under settings.
      Hello everyone!

      I came by this site a while ago when I was into virtual pet games more. I really liked the aspect of growing plants, since there aren't as many out there like this, but I then got busy with college, and forgot about it, but this year while I have been working towards growing plants in my house and such, and also became more active on a few virtual pet sites again, I recalled having joined a virtual plant growing site, but I couldn't remember what it was called. So I searched for a long time, but couldn't find it. I somehow came by this again on a click exchange site while exchanging some of my pet links, so I was excited. I wasn't sure if it was the same place, but now that I finally figured out my old username, I know. :D I have such a terrible memory sometimes. :S But I'm happy to be here again now and I hope to become much more active.

      A little bit about me...more recently (last year) I graduated college from a medical related field. I have various hobbies and interests, from outdoor activities, to music and learning. I guess I have always been very interested in plants, I had hoped to get into a degree relating to plants, either in botany, herbal pharmacology, or such, but can't afford it right now, but maybe someday. Currently in my spare time I am studying as much as I can on wild plants, both edible and non-edible, as well as researching on medicinal herbs and such. My enjoyment and leisure in virtual pet games combined with my interest in plants makes this a perfect place!

      I also look forward to getting to know everyone here better! :D
      Flowergame name: Evermore
      Well,welcome to the Flowergame Forum, Hurdreve! We are glad you found us again!

      I did the same thing you did, joining and then leaving for a while and then coming back. Might not have been for as long as you did - but sort of the same thing, I guess.

      Does Hurdreve mean anything?
      Hello, Lysander! Welcome to the forums, and welcome back to the game!

      I like your avatar. It's very interesting! :)

      You know, we're probably going to forget and just call you by your forum name. That happens all the time. It's really HARD to remember alternate names, especially if you're like me and have memory problems. :)

      My Garden - My Dragon Cave Scroll

      so i played Dragon Cave and then i stopped to play Dragon Cave. I was at my friends house and there they played DC and i remembered about my old scroll and reactivated it and my favourite hatchery has the tiny little link that leads to this wonderful game about raising flowers. So i trie it and it was very good and i also suggested this game to one of my friends. Once we decorated our gardens with a telephone in one hand and the other hand on the mouse... :saint:
      Many of us are on both DC and here. :) This game is much more relaxing than DC, because you don't to grab that seed frantically, hoping no one else snags it first. Although that CAN happen, because the garden is random for each person, that's pretty rare. You have to remember to come on once a day to water, but that's about it. :)

      Just like all the pretty dragons I love on DC, I love all the pretty flowers here! ^^

      My Garden - My Dragon Cave Scroll
      Hello, my pen name is Iria and I really like this game. It's really relaxing and I love to play the mini games :D I'm a beginner to this game but the plants are cute and accurate and I can learn about them as well (so win win xD)
      I still play other games like Eggcave, FlightRising and Valley of Unicorn but with other names xD
      Hurdreve, I see you have changed your garden's name - I was wondering how you went about doing it?

      Hi Pavelius, RedSonja, and Iria! I know I am WAY late for a "Hello!" but I forgot about this thread and, of course, I was gone for a while....so, sorry for the delay!