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      Lilithiana wrote:

      Thanks for the warm welcome.
      I don't know "Fraser". It started when I wanted the name Lilith, like the first woman who was made by God as an equal companion for Adam.
      But Lilith is always already taken, so it became Lilithiana.

      Wouldn't that have been Eve?

      Lilithiana wrote:

      I already learned that it's much more relaxed to gather seeds than the hunting in DC. I love it!

      Yeah, I love the laid back nature of this game! :thumbup:
      No, Eve was made later out of Adams rib.
      I think Lilith is more known to Jews, in the Christian Bible it only says that God made man and woman equal but later comes the story of Adam and Eve.
      I read so much about different religions and religious views that I never really can remember were I read what. ^^'
      I just liked the story because Lilith left Eden because she didn't want to obey Adam. She insisted that they are equal and she doesn't have to do everything he wants.
      She didn't back down and had to suffer for it and since in everyday life it's not that simple to stand your ground, too, and it sometimes has consequences when you stay true to yourself I just thought it would be a really cool name.

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      There are several versions of the Hebrew creation myth. Two different stories are mentioned in the Bible, but the name Lilith comes from another Hebrew source (don't remember the details, either).

      Re Frasier: If you don't know that sitcom, do check it out. It won tons of awards, and many episodes are absolutely hilarious!
      Welcome Lilithiana, I hope you have fun here. :)

      re Lilith: the original Lilith was actually a female demon in Sumerian mythology and was later transfered into Hebrew (and Christian) mythology, like many other things (the biblical Flood for example ;) ). The common lore today is, that Lilith was Adam´s first wife, who got banned from paradise. In more modern literature and fiction she became afterwards the first vampire....
      Seems we I have a nice discussion started. I looked through a few books. One only mentiones the biblical Lilith. But in another I found what you wrote. "a female demon or wind spirit" it says. Alternatively there's an account saying Lilith was another name for the Goddess Kali. A third suggests that Lilith comes from the word "lotus" and she is one of the "lotus Goddesses" of Egypt and India. Sadly there doesn't seem to be much reliable information left today. And many get mixed up with modern legends.

      Frasier: I had a look at the first episode. It seems nice. I just can't stand series with this arteficial laughter when it's supposed to be funny.

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      Well, at least now I think I know why they choose that name for Frasier's wife in Cheers and later to be ex in Frasier. (Although I am not finished watching Cheers reruns so please don't tell me if they get divorced in it!)

      While I don't care for artificial laughter either, from what I understand both shows were filmed before live audiences, so I would hope it would be those people who are laughing, not a recording. :)

      I will have to check my Bible to find the name Lilith. I hadn't realized it was a Biblical name.
      It is, but if you have a King James version I don't think you'll see it. That part of the old testament wasn't translated into English at the time of much of it; it was deliberately censored out.

      Yes, censorship in the bible. Really. I took some religious studies courses in college and learned about several sections that were yanked out, and several more that were simply poorly translated. Mostly because they were translated from Hebrew to Greek, then from Greek to Latin, then from Latin to English. You are bound to get mistranslations when you go through that many iterations. And then of course, each translation included some deliberate censorship, which only exacerbated the problem.

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      Maybe this helps: biblegateway.com/
      On this page are hundreds of versions and translations of the Bible.
      I found it when I was reading an English book in which the Bible was quoted quite often and I looked in my German Bible and the meaning was different.
      So I searched for the first German translation of the Bible which is supposed to be directly from the original text. Again it was different.
      It's funny. You can collect a dozen Bibles and pick from each the translation you like best.

      A little example:
      in one version it says (in short): One who annoys children will be punished.
      In another: One who hurts children will be punished.
      "Annoy" is supposed to be closer to the original text but "hurt" makes much more sense.
      Here's one of my favorites: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." This line in the King James bible caused some terrible pogroms against innocent women.

      And it was a mistranslation. The Hebrews don't have a word for "witch". (Hebrew mysticism is as much a part of the religion as anything else. Jews have nothing against mysticism in any form.) The original word was "poisoner".

      Just think of all the terrible tragedies that were caused by that one mistranslation.

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      Hi everyone. My name is Myon, and (as you can see from my avatar) it's from a Touhou character, Konpaku Youmu's nickname. I wonder if there's any other Touhou fans around here ;)
      I play Dragon Cave also, and I am a friend of ShelyBear (we knew each other though DC and she introduced me here).
      My native language is Chinese, but I speak some English too (as you can see :D )
      I am new here, but I am willing to learn ^^

      Amir wrote:

      Oh ..thank you..I will search for it... :)

      Ah..found it. Its not easy for my to find things in this forum, sorry.

      Figuring out the private messaging aspect of this forum is a bit confusing for most of us. :) You get used to it after a while, but it's not as intuitive as it is on many forums. But this forum has many features (some slightly hidden), that are well worth the complexity!

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