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      You guys are so artistic! (I'm not artistic. My idea of a good web design is all lines and boxes. I can code what someone else designs, though.)

      Shelybear, I really like the second one you did (I like them all, I just think that one shows the most about the game), but can I make a suggestion? You have a row of cyclamen pop in one at a time, and that may make some people think there's not that much variety of flowers. Could you make one that shows different flowers popping in? I just think that might allow people to see that we have lots of different kinds of flowers we can get.

      If I ever posted on a forum besides this one, I'd make sure to use one or more of these. But this is the only forum I ever post on. :)

      My Garden - My Dragon Cave Scroll
      Well, I thought I would try to make one with a lot of different flowers for you (and anyone else who wants one!) Tell me if you like this - or what I can do to make it better?

      Source Code


      Thank you Mia.I can redo it or make a new one(or several) but I am not sure about what you mean...Do you mean just show branches of different flower to give others a general idea that we have many kind of flowers here?

      I hesitated when I was doing that one. I want to show the growth process(seed-germinated-adult plant) of the flower(so does the game), but I also want to mention that there are many variants of plants.It's easy to confuse others... I am going to make more now. I will do it soon( but sorry I cannot guarantee).


      And Tru, I got an idea from your words.

      How about make some specific banners to others? For example,if I like artum-lily, then make me a artum lily banner with the garden name/id on it.
      It depends on what kind of flower (in game)they like.

      P.S.:I added it to the OP.

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